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Cleaning up at the end of the night is always a nightmare. Some operators simply walk away and consider it the venues problem, others struggle for hours with small vacuums and 12” record sleeves trying to get rid of the foam through the fire escape! With a defoamer you can simply knock the foam back to water and either vacuum it up with a wet/dry vac, push it out the door with a squeegee or use a puddle pump to pump it outside via a standard hose. Please Contact Us for more information and prices.
SS/DFL50 Defoam Lance

SS/DFL50 Defoam Lance

Defoam machines are virtually identical to Foam Lances (SS/FL50) but use a different nozzle and lance and, obviously, defoaming fluid rather than foam fluid.
It should be noted that you can not interchange the units, i.e. a defoam lance can not be used as a foam lance